3 Ways to Spend Quality Time with Family and Still Meet Deadlines

3 ways to spend quality time with family

As a mom who works hard at her 9-to-5, and sometimes her 8-to-12(midnight), the family can get shifted within the stack of her busy life. Making money is important, and it is definitely a motivation to building a better life for your children, but it should not take precedence over the reason you work and make the money. Even though […]

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Did He Just Dump Me? 3 Tips On What To Do After a Breakup

3 Tips On What To Do After a Breakup

Dates to the movies, park, dinner and even meeting his family have all been great! You brag about him to your friends and family and you really enjoy his company. You can see this relationship going somewhere and it does; just not in the direction that you thought it would. He broke up with you. You didn’t see that coming […]

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3 Tips to Spring into the Next Season of Your Dating Life

It’s March already ladies. Where has the time gone? As I sit here writing this article I’m looking at the snow melt away here in the DMV. Just a few days ago it was sunny and temps were in the high 60’s. I was so hyped that I posted this status on Facebook “Spring is coming!” Of course I had […]

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Making it Work When Opposites Attract

making it work

So you may make more money than he does. You are a natural-born decision maker, and can be very opinionated, while he is more of an observer and makes power moves quietly behind the scenes. But there is oftentimes he feels he has to remind you who wears the pants. Is it possible to be on polar ends of the […]

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New Year, New Resolutions or Nah?

new resolutions or nah

Don’t make another New Year’s Resolution! Yes, you heard me right. We all spend the last two weeks of December pondering over if we reached the goals we had planned for ourselves over the past 12 months. We analyze and over analyze what we did wrong, what we can do better and how we can improve. Then, we are gung-ho, […]

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Had a Horrible 2015? Here’s How to Fix It.

So for one minute, let’s just be completely “present” to your current situation. You may be a single mother with 1, 2, 3 or even more kids. You may be struggling to make ends meet; you may be trying to figure out do I date or do I not; or better yet, do I make time for self or continue […]

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Most Effective Weight Loss Tips for 2016

Every year many women make the same resolution on December 31st. “I’m going to lose this weight and get my sexy back!” Every year on January 1st women embark on a 2 week diet that doesn’t last and by December 31st of that year they are making the same resolution again. I have learned many things in 2015, but one […]

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Beauty, Talent & Hustle: Exclusive Interview with Jamilah Rouse & Tyler Royale

Jan/Feb 2016

You may have heard of something called Mercury retrograde. It’s a time when everything involving communication and transportation seems to come to a halt (literally). So when it came to getting this issue out (on time) my girl mercury just wasn’t having it. Anyway, you’re going to love the Jan/Feb 2016 issue of MMIA Magazine. I had a chance to […]

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From 9-5 to Full-time Boss (Part 2)


In the previous post we covered 2 of 4 major types of networks that you MUST connect with in order to be successful. Click here to read the first two. In this post we’ll cover numbers three and four: 3. Team or mastermind group Moving forward, you need a team or a mastermind group from which you can ask for help. […]

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