3 Commonly Overlooked Signs He’s Probably an Abuser


Have you ever wondered how so many women end up in abusive relationships? The signs are so obvious,  right? Or are they? Controlling, aggression, and jealousy are usually dead giveaways of a potential abuser, but are there other signs that we often overlook?

Here are 3 commonly overlooked signs to look out for in a potential new bae:

  1. Loner –He has no real friends of his own. When you go out with him inquire about his current friends, his childhood friends, and who his best friend(s) are. Any person that has no real friends of their own is unhealthy to be in a relationship with. If he says that he has no friends at all and he doesn’t trust anyone, consider that to be your last date.
  2. Self-centered – He doesn’t consider the betterment of the relationship just benefiting himself. He thinks on his terms only. He rarely asks for your suggestions when deciding on a date night activity. When you speak up he discredits your information as if he is the only correct one at all times.    
  3. Accuser –He always accuses you of something (even if it’s his fault). He does not take ownership or responsibility for his behavior. He constantly blames others for his actions. This oftentimes demonstrate that he is bitter. A bitter man will make a bitter woman.

Being a victim of abuse is not fun nor should you tolerate it. If the guy you are dating displays these signs be aware that he may be an abuser. Never settle for foolishness or the possibility of risking your life just to be in a relationship.

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