3 Tricks (and Treats) That Will Transform Your Dating Life

woman-634352_1920Now that Halloween’s over, what are you going to do with your candy and costume? It would be crazy to wear it everyday right? Of course it would. Know what else can be crazy — the dating life. Yes, girl! Is your dating life crazy? Filled with tricks and treats that you too often regret? Here are 3 tricks (and treats) to help you transform your dating life:

#1 – Get rid of your mask

Halloween is over and it’s time for the mask to come off and stay off. Too often in dating we tend to put on a mask in order to impress the guy we’re dating. We want them to think that we are the best person to be with and eventually marry. We act extra polite or extra sensitive. Now, should you be polite and sensitive? Of course you should but if you are extra when dating it won’t last. Start out by being yourself so that if you and him become serious you won’t have to switch up.    


#2 – Cancel your benefits

You know that guy who calls you for a “nightcap” or “Netflix and chill” moments? Yeah him. The one that you been meaning to cut off because you know the only thing he wants are your cookies and milk. Well now is the time to cut him off. Don’t wait until the new year because that will only have you catching stronger feelings that led to more regret. Sista girl cancel your benefits. Block his number and delete him on social media. No more milk mustache for him.   


#3 – Set boundaries

Ohhh kayeee. How in the world are you going to cut him off? You want to, but your body doesn’t. Or maybe you want to save sex for marriage now. This is where you need to set boundaries. Boundaries allow you to operate and function without feeling guilty later. Time to write down your boundaries. Just like with any goal that you are attempting to accomplish you write down, the same concept applies to boundaries. Write out the things that you want in a relationship and the things you don’t want. Often times some of the things we want in a relationship will lead to the things we don’t want.    

These 3 tricks are just the beginning to having a better dating life and moving towards a successful marriage one day.

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