From 9-5 to Full-time Boss (Part 1)

from job to girlbossIf you’re serious about transitioning from a 9-5 to a full time entrepreneur, then you need to expand your networks. There are 4 major types of networks that you MUST connect with in order to be successful. The first 2 are covered in this post.

1. People you meet at conferences, meet-ups, and seminars.

Attending local meetups, seminars & conferences are great ways to expand your network. The idea behind networking is to reach out to people in various professional & social networks. Doing so increases your leverage & reach, so you need to do everything possible to start meeting people who can potentially become clients and/or business colleagues. We are all only 6 degrees or less of separation away from that one key contact that will change our lives.

Tip: Target Prospects in Advance. If a conference/event publishes a list, get the list and check it out to see who you want to connect with ahead of time. Be sure you target the events your best prospects are likely to visit.

2. Mentors & Coaches

Expanding your networks also include hiring a mentor or coach and taking trainings to enhance your knowledge and skills. A mentor or instructor can give you perspective that you cannot always give yourself because you have an emotional attachment to your situations. I’ve learned that “when emotions are HIGH, intelligence is low”. A mentor and coach can see the bigger picture through their detachment of your situation because they don’t have the same anxieties, fears, excitement, & confusions that you have.

Mentors and coaches are invaluable. They can help close the gap between where you are & where you want to be. Experienced mentors are able to show you how to maneuver through your the learning curves in business. Essentially, they help you to get around the infamous “school of the hard knocks”!

Tip: Identify & contact a coach or mentor that is aligned w/ your needs & book an appointment asap. 

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