From 9-5 to Full-time Boss (Part 2)

from job to girlbossIn the previous post we covered 2 of 4 major types of networks that you MUST connect with in order to be successful. Click here to read the first two. In this post we’ll cover numbers three and four:

3. Team or mastermind group

Moving forward, you need a team or a mastermind group from which you can ask for help. It doesn’t have to be a large group of people. Smaller groups tend to be just as effective if not more. Understand this, success ISN’T a solo project nor a competition.

Teams help to eliminate fears & insecurities because the members encourage you to keep moving. As long as your team is made of like minded, goal oriented, & non-egotistical individuals, you’ll get to success quicker & easier.

Boss Tip: Write down your goals, what you’ll need to do to achieve them, & the types of people who can best help you achieve them. These are the people that are ideal to be a part of your team. Ask them to become apart of your mastermind.

4. Infinite Network- (A connection to your higher-self; God if you will.)

Lastly, you MUST connect with the infinite network because there’s a spiritual dimension to wealth & success. In order to connect with the infinite network you need to:

  • Meditate & Visualize what your life looks and feels like while experiencing success.
  • Tithe money, time, or both. You don’t always have to give to a church or religious institution to tithe. The act of cheerfully giving away money and time is all that is needed. The idea is that we attract abundant experiences because we put out abundant experiences.
  • Express gratitude for everything you have in your life and mean it. Don’t force it.
  • Be extremely cautious of the words you use and the thoughts you think  about yourself and others. Negative thoughts and words will cause you to manifest negative results in your life.
  • Forgive EVERYONE that has wronged you and forgive yourself right now for any wrong you have done to others and yourself. It does not what the offense was, forgive it anyway. The feeling of lack of worthiness will stop all your good from coming to you.  

Be sure to practice everything listed. It’s okay if at first you struggle with any of these because you are practicing new habits and it will take some time to break the old ones.

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