Beauty, Talent & Hustle: Exclusive Interview with Jamilah Rouse & Tyler Royale

MMIA JanFeb-2016 Issue with Tyler Royale and Jamilah Rouse

You may have heard of something called Mercury retrograde. It’s a time when everything involving communication and transportation seems to come to a halt (literally). So when it came to getting this issue out (on time) my girl mercury just wasn’t having it. Anyway, you’re going to love the Jan/Feb 2016 issue of MMIA Magazine. I had a chance to chat with some pretty amazing ladies and I’d love to introduce you to them. Atlanta born and bred Jamilah Rouse & Tyler Royale are 2 of the stars of MTV’s Hip Hop Hustlers. This mother-daughter duo have set out to take over the industry and I’d be highly surprised if they didn’t. With the voice of a legend in the making, Tyler Royale is making a name for herself in the music biz. And her fierce yet fabulous momager Jamilah Rouse is making no apologies for it either. Check out the Jan/Feb 2016 issue here to see these ladies in action plus catch their full unedited interview in the player below.


Jamilah Rouse - Tyler Royal e Interview Cover MMIA

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