Closing the Gap between Success and Forgiveness

close the gapVery few people make the connection between success and forgiveness. It matters not what area you wish to be successful in or what you wish to achieve, the principal is the same. Forgive everyone who has wronged you and forgive yourself for any wrong you have done to others and yourself. It does not matter what the offense was, forgive it anyway.

You may have been beating up on yourself and being your own worst critic about something you did or experienced, as we all do, but it’s time to forgive yourself and let go. This is because the feeling of lack of worthiness will stop all your good from coming to you, including your entrepreneurial desires. Lack of self-worth diminishes your self-confidence and that is one of the most important traits you must have in order to experience any level of success. How you feel about you, the thoughts you have about you and the words you use are all tied to your results in life. Someone lacking self-confidence will foster more negative and self-defeating thoughts than positive ones.

Furthermore, harboring feelings of hatred and ill will are simply forms of mental clutter. From a metaphysical standpoint, clutter also blocks any form of abundance from coming to you as there is no clear path for it to reach you.

Here is one powerful exercise you can practice nightly to help you declutter mentally and close the gap between success and forgiveness:

> Each night before you go to bed, sit in a quiet space and express the following out loud with sincerity to God. “I love, forgive, and wish the best for anyone that has wronged me. And if there is anyone I have wronged who needs to forgive me, myself included, they do so in this moment.

Of course forgiving isn’t easy, but it is worth it and not only crucial to your healing but your success as well. Not forgiving gives your power to the offender and places them in direct control of you mentally and emotionally. Forgiving is not about forgetting what happened to you but more about no longer letting it control you.

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