Most Effective Weight Loss Tips for 2016


Every year many women make the same resolution on December 31st. “I’m going to lose this weight and get my sexy back!” Every year on January 1st women embark on a 2 week diet that doesn’t last and by December 31st of that year they are making the same resolution again.

I have learned many things in 2015, but one thing I will carry with me every day for the rest of my life is that I am worth more than a diet. We need to understand that a lifestyle of restricting foods that grow from the ground in place of shakes, pills, surgeries, and other unsafe methods will never be good for you. Taking the time out to love and nourish your body is the best way to stick to that resolution and get in optimal shape. The best way to get healthy is to begin to heal your self. Our bodies rebuild themselves on a cellular level. If we eat well and get up and move our bodies will do the work.  Here are 10 basic tips to get you started:
1. Eat fresh vegetables and fruit daily
2. Eat organic when possible
3. Try a meatless meal weekly
4. Drink at least half your weight in water daily (ex 150lbs= 75oz water)
5. Eat more leafy greens
6. Complete at least 150 minutes per week of exercise such as cardio that gets your heart rate up (ex. Running, swimming, biking, tennis, tabata exercise, elliptical, jogging, brisk walking etc.)
7. Keep a food journal
8. Learn proper portion sizes
9. Cut out processed, fried, and fast food
10. Never be afraid to ask for help (personal trainers, certified nutritionist, and health coaches are out there to help you. Research them first)

I hope that this year is one of physical growth and change for us all. Love and light.

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