Failure: Are You Losing to Win?

failure losing to win

Failure is one of those dirty words that no one likes to mention. It’s not a cool word to spout around, but failure is imminent. Luckily for everyone failure isn’t the end of it all. Failure is what I like to view as learning curves or growing pains. It never feels good, but it’s necessary at times when you are growing. 20th Century American author, Napoleon Hill once said, “Most great people have attained their greatest success just one step beyond their greatest failure.”

How many times have we failed, and then we give up just when we’re at the brink of a breakthrough? I wonder what would have happened if Steve Jobs and Bill Gates, among countless others had given up because by society’s standards they had failed? We must understand the purpose of failure. It is to teach us and push us to the next level. If we get thwarted by failures along the way, then we may not be as passionate as we thought we were. Failure build your resilience, because it dares you to try again. It also molds your mentality. Remember when you first learned how to ride a bike without the training wheels? You got on and tried to ride the same way as you did with the training wheels on. And what happened? You fell off. As you grow and move forward in your pursuits, your mentality has to change. No longer can you operate with the training wheels on when you’re trying to ride a 10-speed. The principles won’t apply, so you have to “learn” how to ride differently. That’s what failures do. They teach you how to ride differently.

Keep the nuggets you learn from your failures and let them work for you in all situations whether they are professional or personal. Success is at your hands.

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