Did He Just Dump Me? 3 Tips On What To Do After a Breakup

Did He Just Dump Me?

Dates to the movies, park, dinner and even meeting his family have all been great! You brag about him to your friends and family and you really enjoy his company. You can see this relationship going somewhere and it does; just not in the direction that you thought it would. He broke up with you. You didn’t see that coming and you sho nuff wasn’t ready.

So what’s next? Make your next move your best moves. Here are 3 tips on what to do after a breakup.

1. Evaluate yourself. Self evaluation is key to improving yourself as an individual. During self-evaluation your goal is to reflect on the relationship not figure out ways to get him back or blame yourself. Write out the pro’s and con’s about the relationship. Example: What you liked about his personality/ character? What annoyed you about his personality/ character? What you liked about your behavior in the relationship? What didn’t you like about your behavior in the relationship? Were there values that you compromised that you wish you hadn’t? Were there values that you adopted that you didn’t have before? How did this relationship develop you into who you are now? You want to break down the relationship piece by piece. Looking at it from an advantage and not a lose.

2. Listen to inspirational music. Usually when I’m watching a romantic comedy and a break up occurs the woman will play sad music. That’s a no, no ladies. Music sets our mode. Sure, grieve the loss of the relationship but don’t trap yourself in a state of depression. So, instead of listening to sad songs that will remind you of how heartbroken you are. Listen to inspirational songs that will encourage your spirit and help you through this break up. Inspiration/ gospel music is definitely a genre of music that is inspiring. One of the main reasons is because it takes the focus off of self and places it elsewhere.  

3. Hang out with your friends. Going through a break up is not easy at all. Especially if you have invested a considerable amount of time and self into the relationship. Now is the time to hang out with your friends. You need their encouragement and support. The first week of the break up schedule a girls night in pamper/ sleepover party with your closest friends that you are comfortable being vulnerable with. Even if it is only that one girl friend you called the moment after he broke up with you. This time will allow for you to talk, cry, and laugh all in private. Do each other nails. Give each other facials. Watch a lot of comedy and laugh a lot. No romantic comedies tho. You’ll have enough thoughts already running through your head that will make you miss him. Your friends cannot be there 24/7. They have lives too. However spend as much time as possible with them while you are going through this breakup and even after.

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