Levels to This!: 2 Things Millionaires Do Differently

2 things millionaires do differentlyMost people rely solely on their job to provide for every aspect of their livelihood. Known as the middle class, these people work on average 40+ hours a week to pay for their mortgage, car payment, credit cards, student loans, & other bills. Barely having any money left, they live month to month to sustain the lifestyle they have created because their expenses exceed their income, and they are drowning in debt.

Then there is another group of people whose life looks dramatically different & so does their finances. Although significantly less in numbers, the yearly income of the rich can range from $100k to $500k & the income of the super-rich can easily stretch to over 1 million. But these are not the only differences between the middle class, the rich, and super rich. Here are 2 major differences between the rich and middle-class:

1- Millionaires take risks. The middle-class is afraid of the risk…PERIOD.

Wealthy people desire freedom while those in the middles class want comfort. Since wealthy people seek freedom and not comfort they never get trapped in the “rat race”. They dedicate their time & income to investing in avenues that create residual income.  Meanwhile, the middle class is paralyzed with fear, and more than likely won’t take any risk at all that outside of their comfort zone

2- Millionaires are job makers. The middle-class are job-takers.

Millionaires create the opportunities they want if other opportunities are not readily available. Everyone else looks at what is available, competes for it, and if nothing appears to be available they often throw in the towel and/or throw a pity party completely dismissing any valuable skills, talents, and abilities that they could create a business around.

Now, put on your millionaire hat. What skills, talents, and passions do you possess that you could be creating a business around?

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