In Love with the Coco: Coconut Oil as a Mouthwash?

In Love with the Coco: Coconut Oil as a Mouthwash?Many people swear by the benefits of coconut oil. It’s used in place of vegetable when cooking or baking, used in hair care products, it’s even used for skin care. Did you know that you’re missing a huge benefit of coconut oil if you’re not using it as a mouthwash?

Our mouths are not the cleanest areas around. In fact the main cause of the dreaded “morning breath” is a buildup of bacteria in the mouth overnight. A dirty mouth is the quickest way to contribute to bad health. Toxins from your mouth can be released into your blood stream and cause major health issues. Many people upon waking in the morning just rinse their mouth with Listerine and have their morning coffee or tea, unaware that they are ingesting thousands, if not millions of bacteria.

So how can coconut oil help get you get that fresh mouth you want?  Here are 4 easy steps:

  1. Get you some coconut oil (organic if available). I usually can find a medium sized jar for less than $7-8. Organic isn’t necessary but it’s always best.
  2. Measure 1 tablespoon (the same as 3 teaspoons).  It may start off in more of a solid base but it will melt as the warmth of your mouth melts it of coconut
  3. Swish well! Make sure you pull it through your teeth as well for 15-20 minutes. It may seem lengthy but you need at least this much time to get the full effect.
  4. Rinse well with warm water afterwards. That’s it!

Now, the benefits of using coconut oil as an alternative mouthwash are:

  • Removes harmful bacteria from the mouth
  • Helps fight and prevent gum disease
  • Saves money. Less is more with coconut oil
  • No chemicals
  • Helps remove plaque
  • Whitens teeth
  • Helps fight bad breath

Oral health is an extremely important part of your overall health.

Why not take advantage of an inexpensive, easy, and healthy alternative that makes your life that much better?

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