Making it Work When Opposites Attract


So you may make more money than he does. You are a natural-born decision maker, and can be very opinionated, while he is more of an observer and makes power moves quietly behind the scenes. But there is oftentimes he feels he has to remind you who wears the pants. Is it possible to be on polar ends of the character spectrum, and not offend his manhood?

In today’s culture, especially in the Black culture, women are viewed as rebellious when they are strong, intuitive and no-nonsense. This battle of the sexes has existed for centuries, yet women still continue to struggle to be seen as equal. Women get degrees, certifications, become power players in the boardroom, but still desire to be protected, pampered and sometimes even led.

From the suffrage movement to liberation, women have struggled to be just as good as men. Women desire to have equality, but it comes at a price. Is it possible to have it all? Can men and women be total opposites or out of their society-defined roles and still be able to succeed in a relationship?

Communication is the key to any relationship. Establishing your needs as a woman from the beginning saves you and your guy a lot of heartache down the road. Learn how to also communicate in a way that your partner will comprehend. We all do not learn the same way, neither do we all process information the same. Be intentional and understanding!

Connect and build your relationship on character more than itemized checklists. The main reason people divorce or split up is because of money. Know that your mate is not to “complete” you, but to “complement” you. Whether your guy makes more than you, or slightly less. Focus on how he contributes to what you have and who you are.

As the strong and independent bosses we know we can be, we have to let our professional world stay at the office, and learn how to yield to our mates in order to establish and nurture balance. Accentuate his strengths and how they complement your weak areas. Let your successes challenge you both to do more for one another, and to build bigger and better for not only your relationship, but your career as well.

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