Safe & Affordable Alternatives to Cancer-Causing Deodorants

bowl-240214_1280Cancer has definitely been on the rise among women.

Breast cancer is the most common cancer in women. According to reports 12.4% of women will be affected by breast cancer in their life.

One chemical that’s been shown to be linked to cancer is called paraben. It’s found in many of our day to day products. Over 13,000 products in fact. Paraben has been found in some breast cancer tissue nearest to the arm pit.

I know dove smells good, is quick, cheap, and easy, but let’s not take the chance of putting our lives’ in danger for convenience.

Now I’m not telling you to step out into the world smelling like funk. And I know you’re not trying to scare the PTA members either. So here are 2 easy deodorant alternatives to avoid this cancer causing chemical:

  1. Lemon. I know what you’re thinking, “You want me to rub lemon under my arms?” Well let me tell you from a hardworking, sweating, on the go momma it definitely works. Cut the lemon in half and simply rub it under your armpit area in its entirety. That’s it. No fuss and no mess. There is an added benefit to using the lemon. It will actually lighten darkened armpit areas! You just got two for the price of one.
  2. Primal Pit Paste. It is an all-natural, all organic deodorant you can purchase on Amazon, their website, their instagram @primalpitpaste, or your local health store. It typically runs about $10, comes in wonderful scents such as jasmine, and the jar last for months on end!

These are just 2 of many simple changes to lessen our chances of developing breast cancer. It helps the environment too. Now you can protect your pits and your health on a budget with ease.

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