All the Single Ladies: The Gift You Should Really Be Thankful For!

single ladies thankful for this gift

It’s the holidays and once again you are single, lonely, miserable, upset and so on. You attended Thanksgiving dinner trying to avoid those questions that seem to lurk continuously on the tongues of the people that are close to you. Questions like: “When are you getting married?” “Why can’t you keep a man?” “Why are you still single?”. Blah blah blah.

You couldn’t seem to be thankful for much this Thanksgiving and your Christmas cheer isn’t looking any more festive. Truth is as much as you hate people asking you those questions you tend to ask yourself those same questions more frequently than you want to. You want answers just as much (actually more) than they do. You search, pray, meditate, and more just to have an answer one day.  

Why does it seem so difficult to find a man? All you want for Christmas is a bae underneath the Christmas Tree.

Guest what? There is nothing wrong with that. But before you write that Christmas list, say your prayers or do whatever you do allow me to help you see things differently.

Getting a bae for Christmas may be what you want but a bae may not be what you need. (Don’t look at me like that.) Let me say it like this: Singleness is a gift you should be thankful for.

I’m sure you’re thinking “Girl bye!”  But hold up and hear me out.

Being single is not a curse. It’s actually a blessing that we miss out on. Just think about it. You have time to focus solely on you…to travel…to spend your money how you want to spend it…to live where you want to live…to come and go as you please…to volunteer…to go back to school…to write a book…and so much more. (I talk more about this topic in my book Dating Smart: 9 Tips To Transform Your CRAZY Dating Life.)

Sure, I totally understand. You want to do all of this with someone. I get it but I also get that your current hatred toward your singleness is causing you to miss the gift of singleness and possibly causing you to miss your future husband.

Singleness is your time to achieve and accomplish some things that you have never done before.

What are some things that you can do? It’s time to accept this gift!

Merry Christmas!

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