Still Single? Be Pristine in 2016!

single ladies 2016It’s 2016 ladies! I’m excited and I know you’re excited too. And if you’re not you will be by the end of this article.

The new year brings about a new sense of confidence, boldness, freshness and determination. That’s why I’ve coined this year: 2016 The Year of Pristine!

Pristine means clean and fresh as if new.

Single ladies this is us in 2016. We are pristine – clean, fresh and new. Yes we may still be single but we are not dried up singles. We are not miserable singles. We are not thirsty singles.

As a pristine lady you gotta be intentional. No more despising your married (or soon-to-be married) friends. No more chasing after that guy that isn’t chasing after you. No more using sex to find love. No more being stuck in your miserable single life rut. Let me spell it out for you:

  • Clean – Get rid of all those no good bustas that are taking up space in your life. This means that you need to delete some of those contacts in your phone, stop following on social media, even get rid of his email address.   
  • Fresh – Decide on purpose that you will set goals for your happiness. That you will do things differently in order to achieve fresh and more fulfilling results. Understand that you make up your happiness not a man.  
  • New – Buy yourself something valuable that will reminded you of your new self. A few years ago I bought myself a ring with an Amethyst jewel. For me it symbolizes the new me, my commitment to purity and my commitment to one day live in the New Jerusalem – the amethyst is one of the jewels there – as outlined in the Bible. It’s literally having a piece of heaven on earth.     

You are pristine!

Being a 2016 pristine single lady doesn’t mean that your desire for a successful marriage is put on hold it just means that you seek to be complete in your singleness.

We are pristine! Say it with me – I Am Pristine! Post it on Facebook, Tweet it, Pin it. Be sure to use #Pristine2016 #DatingSmart #LivingTheLife



Written by Linda D. Lowe, author of Dating Smart 9 Tips To Transform Your CRAZY Dating Life

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