The Supermom Series: 5 Ways to Tell if You’re a SUPERMOM

super hero momYou may or may not have been asked, “How do you do it? My goodness girl, you’re holding it down!” On the outside it appears that you have it altogether; the epitome of the perfect mom! Whether you are a single mom or a married mom, your day starts early and ends when you collapse.

You would never admit that you can’t handle it all; nor would you ask for help. Because both of those statements would somehow imply that you are not strong enough to take care of it all.

But, who dictates how “strength” is defined?

For the purpose of this writing, we will dive into that question at another time. For the moment, let’s talk SUPERMOM!!

Scarier yet, is the mom, who lives her daily life with rose colored lens and does not even identify she has on a cape.

Her movements are quick and painless! She wakes up and scurries around to get the kids up, fed, dressed and out the door for school and off to work she goes. After fighting with traffic, she stops at the nearest Starbucks to get the needed fix to grind through. Spending the day diligently working to appease customers, co-workers, and supervisors, she fights traffic on her way home to get the kids.

Oh, but the day isn’t done yet (not by a long shot). There’s still homework, extra-curricular activities and dinner to feed her hungry and tireless kids.

The above chaotic description may mirror your daily life with a few slight differences, however, the one common thread is your day is jam packed and you are completely exhausted! These all are signs of the SUPERMOM syndrome. Need more proof?

Here are 5 ways to tell if you’re a full-fledged SUPERMOM:

  1. Your natural response to situations is fight or flight.
  2. Chronologically you are young; however, your internal and external self is aging quickly.
  3. Back-burner syndrome is your middle name –there is no such thing as self-care or me- time in your dictionary.
  4. You look in the mirror and you vaguely remember “WHO” you are.
  5. There is no identified joy in your day; you simply go through the motions.

You have the power in who you are and who you are not! Join me as we continue to discuss the SUPERMOM series debunking some untruths and reclaiming your best and authentic self!

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