The Supermom Series: Drop the Cape and Fly?

supermom series. drop the capeNo matter how much I think I know; no matter how much I think I have grown, the Supermom Series has allowed me to take a deeper look at myself and some of my own struggles in the “supermom realm”.

We have identified some of the causes, the symptoms and the children that are affected by the Supermom Syndrome, but where do we go from here? We drop the cape. Yes, you heard me, DROP THE CAPE! The cape represents the veil that says we are beyond receiving and asking for help. So drop it and embrace a new way of caring for yourself and develop new habits for the future generation.

Let’s give new meaning to the ideologies and thoughts of the Supermom. I mean let’s face it, words are defined and labeled based on what the norm is. We have the power to dictate how the Supermom is perceived. As a community of mothers (single, married or divorced) we can decide that we CAN support each other and we CAN be a village to care for each other. If you’re going back to school, need someone to vent to, an emergency baby sitter or just someone to get a pedi & mani with, why not connect with the mom next door who is likely having similar experiences. Why not seek out help from the church or other organizations that empathize with your needs?

We frequently here the term “balance” but remember that your “balance” is different from the mom, so don’t compare. Find what works for you. If it feels good and you are honoring yourself, then it works. If you don’t have a great support system, then your help may come from a licensed therapist/counselor that can help you navigate through some of your challenges. Your needs are specific to you, however, discussing some options with friends, co-workers and/or family members, might open your horizon to what’s out there!

Hope you have enjoyed the Supermom Series as much as I have!

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