The Supermom Series: 3 Myths About Supermoms That Must Go

supermom myths that must go

In some circles, claiming and carrying the SUPERMOM cape is admired. It is looked upon with some kind of reverence. Why?? Because you, the SUPERMOM are holding it down at work AND at home. Further, you’re considered to be what every little girl strives for.

THE DIAGNOSIS: We previously discussed how to identify the supermom and what a typical day looks like for her. If you remember, the supermom’s existence left little time for herself.

THE CAUSE: We live in a fast pace society and we are desperately trying to keep up with the Jones’, the Smith’s and the Roberts’. We are told to accomplish more, to compete and work harder. We are told there is no time for shedding emotion, caring for self or being vulnerable.

With that said, here are 3 myths about being a supermom that must go:

Myth #1: To stay relevant at home, you must become a SUPERMOM.

Your relevance comes simply from being your authentic self! Your children will remember you for the bed time stories and being able to point you out at the end of year performance. Believe it or not, the 10th pair of Nike sneakers in two months will not give you the mother of the year award. Especially because you are working overtime and a 2nd job to make that happen.

Myth #2: You must give your every waking hour to your children to be a SUPERMOM.

The best mom, is one who can identify her needs and desires that are separate from being a mother. The best way to describe the significance of self-care is oxygen on a plane. The pilot instructs the mother to use the oxygen mask before placing it on the child. If you never stopped to figure out why, let’s review. You cannot apply the mask to your child, if you are dead. You need to breathe too! You need to look sexy, revived, hopeful, etc. None of which you can achieve if you do not take time for self. Self-care for you, equals a great mom for your child!

Myth #3: You must fend for yourself at all times and not ask for help to be a SUPERMOM.

We are raised with an every man for themselves attitude. That being said, we could be drowning, but we fail to disclose our hurts, pains and needs for fear that others will judge us. We fail to disclose our lack of support because we believe we cannot do so. The problem with this thinking is everyone who is living this lonely cape carrying belief, is screaming for help. Supermoms around the world, really want help! Why not be the first to step forward and say it!?

You have power in who you are and who you are not! Join me as we continue to discuss the SUPERMOM series debunking some untruths and reclaiming your best and authentic self! 

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